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cryophelia's Journal

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Nicole Laura
23 May

I am the King of the Universe
I am the Messiah with a new dispensation
Excuse me I stepped on a nail.
A mistake
Perhaps I am not the Capitalist of Heaven.
Perhaps I'm a gate keeper snoring
beside the Pearl Columns-
No this isn't true, I really am God himself.
Not at all human. Don't associate me
w/ that Crowd.
In any case you can believe every word
I say.

-allen ginsberg
October 31, 1987
Gas Station, N.Y.
acting, all white, allen ginsberg, american beauty, ani difranco, anti-bush, anti-preaching, art, artists, artsyshit, baby food, beauty, beverages, bitter chai tea, black, bones, books, citrus, clavicles, coffee shops, cold, color, contemplative, contradiction, couture, creme brulee, curves, cynisism, dancing, dark brooding guys, dark colors, douglas fairbanks, douglas rushkoff, drama, dream for an insomniac, dreamers, dreaming, dreams, ewan mcgregor, eyes, faith, family, fantasies, fantasy, feeling, film, films, fire, french, french comedies, friends, frozen raspberries, fruit, gemini, ginger, gustav klimt, hipbones, holding, home remedies, hope, idealism, improv, intellectual debates, internal arguments, internal conversations, kept promises, leo, liberal, lies, life, light, loving, makeup, mouths, movies, music, mustard on burns, myself, mystery, nature, nikki giovanni, obscurity, ocean, optimism, pain, paint on my hands, paint underneath my fingernails, passion, peaches, people, pessimism, photography, poetry, poetry readings, poets, portland, pounding rain, powell's, rain, reading, reality, regular journals, ridiculous, rust, saltines, sarcasm, sex lies and videotape, simplicity, sincerity, singing, sleep, smells, social distortion, soul, storms, tea, technicolor, textures, the cold, the human body, the replacements, the word fuck, theatre, thoughts, touching, trust, truth, vegetarian, walt whitman, water, white, wind, word pictures, words, writing, youth and government

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