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So, I am stressing out completely. I decided to take this one-credit class from a professer whose AMerican Government class I thoroughly enjoyed. I though it would help keep me current on politics and news because he gives awesome and interesting lectures. However, the class is actually a cross-surricualr program or whatnot that is Model United Nations where we attend day-long or longer conferences and represent countries and (obviously) immitate or behaves ans thoguh we were the real United Nations. And, freaking students run the class and doctor nick never ever lectures or talks hardly at all. This would all be okay except no one wants to expalin how we go about doing this conferecne shit. All they ever do is say, "You'll be fine!" or "I have faith in you!" Except, they have never spoken to me before uttering these words. And any extra time in class is spent discussing when This father-son duo whose last name is Easter will have this supposedly infoamous party at their house that they call the, "Easter Party." How much does all of this suck!!!?!>?!>!>!?
And, to make matters worse, I have a bloody fucking conference tomorrow and I am the UK and I am so completely ill-prepared and in-the-dark that I am completely freaking out. I would love to drop the class, but that would totally affect my scholarship. I know nothing about anything at all. I feel so stupid right now. I am going to spend all night researching and studying. Oh well.
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