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I am going to go to Sasquatch (sp?) Festival soon. OOoooohWeeeeee It is going to be wonderful; I know. I feel like, "I always wanna be right here." I feel good right now.

I am taking a Sex Holiday soon. Doesn't that just sound so funny. I mean, a "Sex Holiday," who takes those? Anyhow, I am going up to Olympia to visit my friend Katrina on the 16th 17th and 18th of May so that I can attend a three-day seminar/workshop at her school, Evergreen State University.
Katy let slip that she is buying me a vibrator for my birthday. Isn't she the best! One thing I love about us is that we are always giving each other little gifts because we love to see the other smile. Last time she came down, she brought me a new journal and some really funny stickers. One is with Zack and Slater from Saved by the Bell and it says "Heartthrobs." Isn't that grrreat?!?
I got her some fancy little shot glasses and a mini purple vibrator, that we named Zeke. When you put him on the floor, he zooms around. This guy she was seeing got freaked when she tried to show him the hilarity. Aren't men just so funny?!
I also bought her some postcards to send. I got one for myself though. It says, "Obscenity is whatever gives the judge an erection," and has this picture of some retro chick-en who looks like Judy Garland, and she has colors smeared all over her face.

I think I will post some of my fave postcards now that I know how.

I have this one on the wall beside my desk:
I have this one on the wall above my desk

I should be feeling more nervous. But I'm not.

I bloody well love this song!

I am not supposed to say the word, "like" anymore as I made a deal with James, but I am having a hell of a time. Everyone around me proceeds to make it even harder as it is "like" their every other "like" word "like" y'know: I just "like" can't stop. Uhhhhggggg! I could scream in frustration.
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