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Neurotic Postcards ... and ripe with punctuation

So ... I haven't posted in this thing in a while. I have thought about it, but, well (pause) you-know ... never got around to it. I was at this funny store yesterday, and I bought a card for katy-baby (katrina) that says Neurotic in white and grey letters on a black background. (I am so glad we remain great friends to this day.) They also had my favorite postcards that have retro images on them with cut-out letters. They just make me laugh. I have one hanging in my office right now that reads, "She liked/ imaginary men/ best of all." The one I got for katy-baby says, "She threw herself eagerly into the paths of unsutiable men." Go to and check them out. (Somebody post a pic of one in a comment, because I'm not sure how.) They are so cool. I'm not sure why I am posting in here. I think it is because I was looking over Jones's shoulder today while she typed in hers and got all nostalgic, so I looked at some people's from high school, and Luke's (Atay) made me kinda sad. But, I'm not sure why, 'cause I think I'm pretty happy. It also wierded me out: "Scraping beer off the wall and humping parties?!"
I love this song I'm listening to. Chris calls it Gospel-Pop. Wierd. It's Blur Tender. I actually love this whole CD: modest mouse, Blur, OZMA and more; who wouldn't? I am trying to bug Josh (Wilkins) into coming over and playing air hockey with me; we have the coolest table ever! He won't though, I don't have any finals until Friday, but he has one tomorrow. Still, I think he needs to relax a bit.
I am trying to remind myself to send katy-baby her present tomorrow and cash my check, but I won't. I put things into my phone so they beep and remind me, but I always ignore them.
I realize I am not actually talking about anything in this post, but I don't like to talk too much about myself for fear I might say some-thing. Oh well.
I don't know how we all got from there to here, but somehow ...

Love and sucking
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