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three days ago...

Okay, so, its 1:30 am and I am downstairs beginning Sons and Lovers by D.H. Lawrece in front of the fire, and I remember that I was planning to bake brownies for Andy to take to work. I hop up and head for the kitchen, rummage through the pantry pulling out the insta-box and the frosting. I dump the sweet brown powder into a transparent blue glass mixing bowl. In goes the 1/4 cup oil, oozing and the 1/2C water. 2 eggs for fudgelike, 3 for cakelike. Three it is. I walk over and open the refrigerator door, and reach out my arm to grab three eggs. Every egg stands in perfect formation, each saluting me from the refrigerator door with a bright red/orange safeway S brand. I have to look twice to make sure they arent just all marked hard-boiled or something. Nope. Since when do eggs advertise themselves? Before I finish baking I find a black marker, and on every annoying egg I scribble away the S and place them scribble-side-down.

UGH! It is so extremely annoying! (I know this because as I type I am punching the keys harder and with more emphasis than normal or necessary!) I cannot believe stupid safeway would advertise right on there eggs. Where did they cook up this stupid idea? What, there advertising specialist advise them, hey whydontcha put your emblem on every single item in your store, as much as possible so you can subconsciously encourage shoppers to return! and return....and return...

Obnoxious! And it is all too obvious and also kinda creepy and weird...
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