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mission statement to myself, consisting of 999 words

Constant flow of ideas is essential as is learning. Be more in tune with your moral compass. Concentrate on actually seeing PEOPLE instead of commodities. Focus on searching for what you really love. Listen to your conscience. Remember that everyone is special and that nobody is out of reach as long you fight. YOU are not out of reach. You CAN change if you want to. Television and movies can be harmful. Be more aware of what is around you, what is affecting you, your environment. Listen. Do not be afraid of the unknown. Do not be afraid of the common. Recognize what is wrong in any situation or environment and effect change. Do not let others manipulate you or your ideas into commodities. Never believe something is okay just because the majority is declaring it so. Never believe something is okay just because the minority is declaring it so. Do not rebel just to rebel, yet never accept just to accept or avoid confrontation. If you question something at all, research and find out for yourself instead of ignoring or going along with it, intending to examine afterwards and subsequently forgetting. Avoid media-induced hypnosis. Never pretend to understand something you do not. Know you are ignorant and that it is okay because there is always more to learn, but only if you will accept instead of avoid that fact. Read. Read. Read. Love yourself even though you are incomplete. Accept your incomplete self, but never ACCEPT your incomplete self. Everyone has something to teach. Everyone has something to learn. Be true. Question. Question. Question. Accept questions. Question, but do not forget to accept. Question, but remember there are no answers. Remember that past beget present; Present begets future, but live in the now.
Never play the game. No more life is a game analogies. No more life is a game apologies. Justify nothing. If something needs an excuse, it is probably inexcusable. It is probably inexcusable, but not unforgivable. Forgive. Forgive, but never forget. Hope is the only hope. Nothing can be measured. Contradict yourself. Never censor. Never alter yourself for others benefit. Repeat if necessary. Do not bend the rules, but break, erase, alter or change them accordingly. Remember that you are always being interpreted, but do not bring that into account. Answer questions even though that might be impossible. Always effect change. Never expect change. Admit and accept the consequences of your actions. Nothing can ensure that things will happen exactly the way you wish. Acceptance is an illusion, but practice it anyhow. Reality is unreal. Anything is possible. Repeat after me, Clich is okay. Repeat after me, Originality is key. Discard both. Categories are a delusion. Accept anything, but not everything. Stand up. Rest sometimes. Nothing is just because you say so. Lies are wrong. Truth LIES in interpretation. Interpret that how you will. Probability is not fact. Fact is not fact. Everyone is different just as everyone
is the same. Recognize both. You dont have to be good at something to enjoy it. What you want is not always what you want. Articulate. Be literal. Be figurative. Be liberal. Allow room for interpretation of self, ideas, others,surroundings, etceteras. There is only balance in limits. Life lies outside limits or balance. There is no such thing as cannot, but there is ALWAYS will not. Choice is only possible through knowledge. Choose to choose. Inferiority is a complex. Simplify. Everything is simple. Use the brain. Do not use the brain in place of the soul. There is no business like religion. Religion is coercion. Ideas allow room for change. Rely on yourself. Be brave. Bravery is only possible through fear. Fear is only a weakness if it is permitted to rule. Never allow fear to dominate. Fear is rendered powerless once it is overcome. You know nothing and everything depending. You only need rules if you cannot rule yourself. Liberate the unliberatable. Celebrate the uncelebratable. Amuse the unamusable. Embrace the unembracable. Attain the unattainable. Just because something is easy does not mean it is not hard. Just because something is confusing doesnt make it intelligent or unintelligient. Make things up. Imagine. Never be afraid to give up or let go. Fight without wars. Debate without arguments. Color is wonderful. Black and white ARE colors. There is beauty in ugliness. Beauty and ugliness have no place here. Any one thing can, at the same time, be both awesomely beautiful and horrifyingly ugly or beautifully ugly. There are many different interpretations of intelligence. Listen without judgment. Work towards the ideal. Know that the ideal will never be attained. Everything depends on how it is pererceived. Repeat if necessary. Revise. There is truth in emotion. Obsession can be healthy or unhealthy. Everything depends. Never do something out of fear. Change is not only necessary, but inevitable. Do what you love. Love what you do. Remember your past. Focus on the present, and Realize the future. Never accept anything/one at sur/face value. Just because it is inevitable doesnt mean it is inevitable. You have power. Power is limitless. There is no such thing as power. If you want to applaud, go ahead. Effort. Music is a salvation anyone can access. Actions speak louder than words. Words are fun. Art is great. Everyone is an artist. No one can control everything. Control is an illusion. Sleep enough. Do not sleep too much. You know yourself best, but never entirely. Repeat if necessary. Because is NOT an answer. Feel what you feel. Material things are superfluous, lacking in worth. Money causes corruption. Wealth is a matter of opinion. Ownership is an illusion. You cannot take IT with you. Quitting is too easy. Quitting is never easy. You only get out what you put in. Light is only seen in darkness. Sometimes things cannot be reasoned or understood, only felt. You cannot ever really know anything. There is always a choice, but not always the strength to make it. Repeat if necessary.
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